One Hit-up a Day, Loneliness Away: Day Two

Ever wanted to have a tinder for hookups? Or wanted to flirt with a girl you see in a random place. Here are the second day hit-up practice for the lesson: One hit-up a day, loneliness away: Day two. Today, we are going for another scenario: Asking for help.

"Hi, hello, I just came to this city and I'm a little lost. May I ask how to get to XXX?"
At the end, you can jokingly say that if you can't find it, she will be held responsible, so you must have her phone number in case you need help.
Or another circumstance:
Holding a computer in the library and saying to the girl next door: "Are you familiar with WPS office? Can you help me on this…"
"Hi, can you lift this thing for me for a second? I want to take my phone out of my pocket and have your phone number taken down."

When the demand-based approach starts, the tinder hookup between the two parties is "seeking help" and "being helped". The topic is guided in the middle or at the end, and the purpose is shifted to asking for contact information. Rest assured, most people will choose to help rather than refuse, because this is in line with the core values of our moral education and is not a joke at all. The main point of this trick is to ask for help sincerely, start to bring out your acting skills, and to guide naturally.

Some girls will not see that this is a routine, and they will give out number very sincerely just to help out. The better-looking girls are actually happy to be hit up. Even if some girls see that this is a lousy routine, because of the role of "helping others to the end" and "silent cost", they will only smile and cooperate. Let's diverge. Would it be better if we used the way of actively helping girls to start a conversation? It is indeed a gentleman's behavior after the girl sends out a signal for help (language, movement, eye expression, expression).

If you don't believe it, just run over to a girl and say, "I'll help you carry the bag, it's heavy." She will be very touched and give the bag to you, and the next step would be getting her contact, then flirt, then one thing led to another, you find yourself in bed with her sharing one night fun.

See? Hitting up is not such a hard thing to do. Sometimes it’s even funny to create such a thought to get a girl’s attention. Whether you want to date like be naughty or hook up with her, it’s always a nice thing to hit up and get her contact info. Now, move!!!