Three best tips for people who wanna one night stand

Who doesn't love one night stand? It's a way to get away from your dull life. When you are done, you will feel all refresh again. Speaking of one night stand, many people envy Samantha Jones in Sex and City for the ability of admitting the desire of one night stand and feeling no guilt of shame of it. Let's face it, most women are afraid of one night stand. The reasons are very obvious. Sometimes, you are questioned by your morality, boyfriend issue or intimacy alert. You are afraid of your partner being a criminal and creepy and of it being a total disaster in the end. These kinds of examples can be counted on…

However, if you follow certain one night stand rules, you can totally nail it and have a nice and pleasant one night stand. Here are several tips:

Never do it with your friends or friends of your friends. Having one night stand with an acquaintance can be very exciting and thrilling, but it can also be a disaster that you can't forget for the rest of your life. The issue with having one night stand with friends is that you will eventually meet him/her one day. Then you will have to deal with the whole post-hookup dating drama. How am I going to face him/her? What is the first sentence to say? Are we still friends? There are thousands of questions in your head and you don't know what to do. Disaster, right? To save you from all the trouble and drama, this is the first tip I am giving it to you.

Clear your head beforehand. You need to find out the reason why you want to have a one night stand. People have different kinds of reasons for this. Some people feel that they want some company, but don't want to be attached to long-term relationship. Some just want to satisfy their sexual desire, while some think this is a way to get back at their cheating boyfriend/girlfriend. You need to find out your reason. Make sure you are doing it for yourself, not for anybody else, because at the end, you are the one to suffer the result, whether good or bad.

This is just a one night stand or a tinder hookup, see to it. Even it's only a one night stand, there is risk for developing attachment, because as a matter of fact, human-being is a creature that are crazy for attachment deep down in their nature. Always remember it.