What dating apps work for transgender people?

The question I was asked most on ts dating apps is when did you become a trans woman. In other words, they want to ask when did I start my transition process. In fact, I don't want to answer this question. For all transgender people, it is a personal question, they don't need to share it with other people if they don't want. There are also some guys on transgender dating apps who don't know what is trans. They always ask me what is trans, why you are trans. As a trans woman who is looking for dating partners online, I don't want to ask such stupid question. I'm here to find my dating partners, not to answer questions about transgender. If you are chatting with transgender people to know more about trans and find answer for your questions about trans, that's a great pity, because there are no transgender people want to answer these kinds of questions. For transgender people, it is also a bad experience to meet this kind of guys online.

I used to join ordinary ts date apps such as tinder and bumble to make new friends and find my dating partners, and many people asked me questions above. I was very angry and didn't know why at first. But later I knew that ordinary dating apps are not great choices for transgender people. We need to join trans dating apps which are only for transgender people and transgender dating. As an experienced online transgender dating partners, I can say that some people an ordinary dating apps are curious about transgender people, but they never think about dating transgender people. When they meet a trans person online, they may start to ask all kinds of questions about trans an transition, however, these questions are sensitive topics for transgender people. Now, I can really understand them. Because they don't know about transgender, it is nothing wrong to ask questions like these. However, as a transgender woman, how to avoid being asked questions that you don't want to answer?

First, join a ts dating app. Because people on this dating app are looking for transgender for dating, they know more about transgender people than people on ordinary hookup apps. As far as I know, before joining a transsexual dating app to find their dating partners, most people would learn something about transgender people in advance. They know how to start a conversation with trans people, how to get on with trans partners, and how to make their partners feel comfortable. I know it is not easy for transgender people to find a serious partner, while, it is more likely yo meet the right one on ts dating apps than ordinary dating apps. Most people on tg dating apps can really accept trans people. this is another reason why I suggest trans people to join these ts date apps. As I've said before, if you want to avoid answering sensitive questions and meet the right one in an easy way, trans date sites and apps are great choices for you.