Transsexual Rights In Different Countries

Transgender community faces a lot issues worldwide, despite so many developments and modernisation. They are still looked down by the society. A thing like transphobia still prevails. Such an act leads to obstacles in the lives of people of this community. However there are certain legislations across the world that recognize the need to protect the rights of transgenders through law. Here are a couple of countries described in terms of transgender rights。


Germany is one of the earliest companies to formulate a law in support of transgenders and transsingle. The country openly accepts woman, LGBT dating and ts hookup. Transgender rights are regulated in the transsexual law since 1980. German law protects trans people from discrimination at workplace and and provision of goods and services. However it states different provisions in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity across Germany.

A recent landmark ruling stated that a person did not need either sex reassignment surgery nor sterilization in order to legally change their gender. Another act that protects transgenders from discrimination is the equal treatment act.


The place has been home to 1.3 billion people. Needless to mention, the number of trans people would be significantly high. Debate on transgender rights are presently taking rounds across the country. The community has a long history in India and hindu mythology. Legal recognition of transgenders as a third sex (for voting rights) was granted in 1994. Supreme court has declared the community to be backward class and thus accessible to reservation in jobs and admissions. To widen the scope of transgenders rights and entitlements, Rights of Transgenders Persons Bill was passed in 2015. With better legal provisions, the community is free to meet trans, ftm dating, tv ts hookup etc.

They have 2% reservation in jobs, legal aid, pensions and allowances. Third gender has been recognised on most of the government publishings and offices. One of the landmark cases was that of Dutee Chand against IAAF that enabled women with high testosterone levels to compete as women.

United States

The US is said to be the most liberated countries when it comes to human rights and related laws. When it comes to LGBTQ, they are more free to date and socialize in the country. Most LGBT hookup apps and trans dating apps are based in The US. But this may sound strange that the federal government does not have any law protecting discrimination against transgenders. However, certain clauses of other laws protect them. A landmark ruling stated that people have right to marry "regardless of gender". This means gender determination of trans people is not necessary to get married. The ruling protected entire LGBTQ community.

Overall Europe

When we talk about Europe, the countries have been supportive of laws governing equality and anti hate acts against transgender people. European court of human rights recently wanted all countries to align their acts and abolish sterilization for gender recognition.


Canada is one of the most open countries in the world when it comes to LGBTQ rights. In fact, initiative towards gender inclusivity was one of the promises made by current Prime Minister Justin trudeau.