Experienced women talk about how to plan a great threesome

Almost everyone who has an open mind would love to try out having a threesome dating one day. But seldom people people have ever tried it in real life not only because it is hard to find like minded people, but also it seems to be extremely difficult to have a great tinder threesome. In order to show you guys some perspectives from the swingers who live a swinging lifestyle who have actually tried swingers lifestyle in real life, we have invited a few women on the local tinder for couples and tinder for couples to talk about their real threesome experience as well as some useful advice they can give.

A: I am probably one of those most experienced women who are interested in kinkd dating, bisexual dating as well as polyamorous hookup dating. Thus the age of me trying out having a fetlife is fairly young, which dates back to more than 15 years ago. During the 15 years, I have had bad threesome that made every three way partner awkward, but also amazing ones which makes you hard to believe. The most amazing one I had was on the beach, with a couple I just met in the party. I think there are a few essential points which made the threesome so memorable: first of all, we clicked so well not only physically, but also mentally. We started talking to each other at the start of the party about a varies kinds of topics. After we felt connected on a fairly deep level, that’s when the flirtation started. Thus, my number one advice for you guys who are interested in wife sharing or wife threesome is get a three way partner that you are compatible with.

B: well, I would like to talk about my worst three some experience for your reference. So then you will know something you need to avoid when putting your ideas into actions. First of all, I was with my ex boyfriend and we suddenly decided to have another girl join us in the bedroom. However, we didn’t consider the jealousy problem that every couple might encounter in a relationship, which has no doubt led to plate throwing dispute as well as fight because of jealousy. Secondly, we failed to find a girl who was on the same page. Without former dates or discussion, we rushed into the bedroom directly only to find out that her sexual preferences or dislikes were totally different than ours.

Thus during the threesome, she kind of felt left out because of our disagreement. However, there was something worth mentioning in a positive way. We decided even before the threesome relationship that no strings should be attached emotionally after the physical intimacy takes place, which has definitely saved us a tremendous amount of energy and potential dramas. For all the people who want to try out having a threesome out there, take your time to plan and find a compatible threesome partner!