Essential facts you should know about dating a transgender

Before you date transgender women or transgender men, it is significant to know the basic knowledge about a transgender person. Aside from the definition written in the dictionary that everybody knows, there are several vital facts you need to keep in mind while dating a ts girl or ts guy in order to optimize your dating experience with him or her.

No need to worry about your own sexual orientation when dating a transgender.

Be clear with the fact that dating a transgender, whether it’s a ladyboy, shemale, crossdressing men or other, you sexuality won’t be changed. For instance, if you are a girl who starts to date transgender men, it doesn’t make you gay. Same theory could be applied to guys who are in a relationship with transgender women. Because their gender isn’t identified by their biological genitals, but by themselves. Thus to really understand them and have a transgender date, you will have to accept them for who they are.

You don’t have to have special taste to date them.

A tremendous number of people who have had a ts girl or ts guy have always been asked questions such as “what makes you date a trans person?”. note that whoever asked that question is ignorant. Because the first and the only thing they see when you are dating t girls, tomboy or shemale is their sexuality instead of their personality, which is the most important part. You date the ts girls or ts guys simply for who they are and you don’t need to have a “weird taste” to date them.

Stop talking about transgender related topics!

I get that dating someone who is different physically can be intriguing sometimes and a slew of questions come up naturally. However, keeping asking transgender related questions or topics can be extremely annoying for your ts date who you met on a transgender dating app. Because not only it will make your transgender partner feel like you are only dating them in order to experience something new, but also that you are not interested in the person that you are dating himself or herself. Always bear in mind that your transgender women or transgender men is first a doctor, then someone loves painting and listening to music, then it comes to his or her recklessness when it comes to driving. It is after all an inclusivity process.

They are not your sexual objects.

This society tend to over sexualize transgender people to a point where whenever we hear the word transgender, we associate it automatically with sex and sexual related stuff. The truth is they are being dehumanized and violated being treated that way. Thus if you decide to date a transgender, respect is the number one step. Check our transgender dating app to meet your potential transgender date with who you can spend the rest of your life with!